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~ Rug Cleaning Service ~

If you need a rug cleaning, even if you haven’t bought from us, its no problem. If you drop the rug off at our shop we can get it cleaned for around £30 per square meter. Some specialist rugs or fine silks may cost a little more. The rugs are hand washed (full submersion wash and dry) by specialists in London. We use a very reputable company to do the cleaning and repairs – who also provide the same service to a Royal appointed rug supplier – having been established for decades in the industry. It takes a few weeks in total, so please don’t expect a rapid turnaround.

If you don’t live in West Yorkshire and can’t simply drop your rug off, we can have it collected from your house or alternatively we would be happy to recommend a company nearer your home address (if you live in the UK).

~ Rug Repairs ~

If you have any damage to your rugs, missing tassels, bare patches even large holes, we are likely to be able to repair it for you. Obviously the cost of repair depends on the severity of the damage and the time it will take to mend. We often get a valuation for mending done whilst our customers are having their rugs cleaned, and they decide whether or not to proceed whilst it is with our specialists.

We do not repair on site, the rugs are sent to specialist repairers in London and returned when complete, we use only long established companies with experience and credibility in the industry. We can often provide a quote based on detailed photographs, but in the first instance please call or email with your details.


Join the journey by planting a tree at checkout to offset carbon and support UK veterans and social mobility. We are proud to work with Carma to make this happen when you buy from us.

Together, we can do great things and create a world where trees grow strong, the air becomes cleaner, and we have hope for the future. Even the small things we do, like planting a tree, can make a big difference. If we all work together, we can stop climate change and make the world greener for the next generations.

So let's start this amazing journey today and become heroes for the planet!

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